Società di Amici


The generosity of the Bogliasco Foundation's most important group of supporters, the Società di Amici, is the cornerstone of our mission to support the work of artists and humanists through our fellowship program at the Bogliasco Study Center. In appreciation of your gift of $1,000 or more, the Foundation is able to offer certain privileges, including acknowledgement on our website and invitations to special Foundation events. For gifts of $10,000 or more, privileges include inclusion on the Bogliasco Center permanent donor plaque, plus personalized invitations to visit the Study Center and dine with the Fellows in residence.

By joining the Società di Amici, you will make an important contribution to the future vitality of the arts and letters, those disciplines that have, in large measure, defined human existence.

Click here to view a list of Società donors over the past twenty-six years.

We cordially invite you to join the Società di Amici.


Annual giving levels are named after the varieties of flora that are indigenous to Liguria. Each of these plants can be found on the grounds of the Study Center.

Privileges for all Società donors:
  • Invitations to events featuring Bogliasco Fellows in the U.S. and Italy
  • Listings on our website, annual report, and other publications that acknowledge our generous donors

$1,000 Amici della Buganvillea — Bougainvillea

This climbing plant, which grows on the southern wall of Villa dei Pini, does not produce flowers but rather changes the color of its leaves according to season.

$2,500 Amici degli Ulivi — Olive Trees

Our private olive grove at the Study Center contains more than 140 trees, some of which may be more than 400 years old.

$5,000 Amici della Mimosa — Mimosa Trees

In the area around Bogliasco, the brilliant yellow flowers of the mimosa appear in midwinter.

$10,000 Amici dei Pini — Pine Trees

The most impressive pine trees in Bogliasco, the stone pine or umbrella pine can grow to a height of 100 feet.
Additional privileges:
  • A personalized invitation to visit the Study Center and enjoy a memorable dinner with the Fellows in residence
  • Recognition on our donor plaque, which is permanently displayed in the Villa dei Pini

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