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About Cookies:

A website cookie is a piece of text that a web server can store on a user's system for later retrieval. For example, a web site might generate a unique ID number for each visitor and store the ID number on each user's machine using a cookie file.

Your web browser will have options to show you all the cookies stored and will allow you to delete some/all of them as you wish.

Cookies may be:

  • fundamentally necessary for the delivery of the web service you are using, e.g. enable tracking of items in an online shopping basket or to enable session tracking for a service that you log in to,
  • may be necessary to benefit from the full functionality of the service, but not essential for some level of service,
  • may be for the benefit of the service provider or to allow the service provider to better understand its users and hence provide a better service, e.g. analytical tools so a site can produce statistics on the types of users it has or the sections of its site that are most popular
  • but could equally be for a wide range of other purposes.
NameSet ByDescription


Our Content Management System Used site-wide to help determine user authentication and help with caching of requests and images etc. These are required cookies.
Google Analytics Used site-wide to help us tracking visitor usage. This is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics sets a cookie in order to evaluate use of those services and compile a report for us.
Various youTube Embedded video in our site is provided by youTube.
Please note opting out of cookies may prevent you from watching youTube videos on this site.

How do I change my cookies settings?

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Updating privacy policy

The Bogliasco Foundation keeps this Policy under regular review to make sure it is up to date and accurate.