Fellows in Residence

Bogliasco Fellowship Recipients
Spring 2022 - Group 1


Ginger Krebs

Ginger Krebs – Choreographer, visual artist and Associate Professor, Adjunct, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago – United States

Ginger Krebs will be working on Median, a dance for four performers that is comprised of interlocking parts, like origami folds or atoms arranging themselves to form a crystal. The performance investigates visibility, simulation, control, and the moment-by-moment feedback loops that constitute cooperation. At Bogliasco, Ginger will study image capture technology and control in distributed networks, and develop a second “phase” of movement material for the project.


Lila Ellen Gray
Photo Dan Loh

Lila Ellen Gray (Music-Scholarship) – Ethnomusicologist/Cultural Anthropologist, Associate Professor of Music, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA – United States

The voice of Amália Rodrigues, the “Queen of Fado” and Portugal’s most celebrated diva, was extraordinary for its interpretive power, soul wrenching sound, and international reach. Lila Ellen Gray will be completing an interdisciplinary book that uses Rodrigues’ first performance at the fabled Olympia Theater in Paris (1956) as a prism through which to examine the internationalization of peripheral popular musics and the making of female musical stardom in the mid-20th century.

Michael Wutz

Michael Wutz (Literature-Scholarship) – Brady Presidential Distinguished Professor of English, Weber State University – Germany/United States

Michael Wutz’ proposal investigates the continued relevance of contemporary fiction in the Anthropocene, especially how current forms of narrative are responding to climate change. The project, in that sense, has a double focus that eventually branches out into a third: how does ambitious fiction engage the larger ecological crises affecting the planet?


Ama Codjoe

Ama Codjoe – Poet – United States – Van Cleef and Arpels Bogliasco Special Fellow in Poetry

Ama Codjoe will be writing poems toward a second full-length manuscript. Drawing on archival research of mid-twentieth century sideshow performers, “Joy Dark” explores and exposes the complexities and fault lines embedded in questions of authenticity and African American performance and how kinship is communicated, authenticated, and performed.


Nina Young

Nina Young – Composer – United States – Aaron Copland Bogliasco Special Fellow in Music

Nina Young will be working on To hear the things we cannot see for the Boston-based group Hub New Music. The piece takes inspiration from several poems found in Rosie Stockton's Permanent Volta, and features recordings of Rosie's voice mixed with acoustic instrumental chamber music and electronic sounds. In parallel, she will refine a new evening-length immersive spatial audio installation piece that will be premiered in April at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) in Troy, NY.


Amy Quan  Barry
Photo James Barnard

Amy Quan Barry – Writer, Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison – United States

While in residence at Bogliasco, poet, novelist, and playwright Quan Barry will work on a two-act play titled Dirty Work in which characters confront the limits of artificial intelligence and the possibilities AI presents for housing the eternal soul. Barry also hopes to begin outlining a novel project set in Antarctica tentatively titled My God is Godly, a quote spoken by the widow of explorer Robert Scott upon learning of his death.


Chin Chih Yang

Chin Chih Yang – Visual artist – Taiwan/United States

Chin Chih Yang transforms excess waste into drastically new forms, creating not only installations with distinct textures but also wearable pieces utilized for other projects. “Rejuvenate x Illuminate” is crucial at this time as the world is suffering from multiple crises; in this pivotal moment, we must take time to pause and reflect more about our relationship with nature. The goal is to encourage people from all walks of life to come together and collaborate in peace, love, and understanding.