Fellows in Residence

Bogliasco Fellowship Recipients - Fall 2021- Group 1 and 2



Celia Ghyka

Celia Ghyka – Architectural historian, independent curator, Associate professor, "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture in Bucharest – Romania

The notoriety of Aldo Rossi's L'architettura della città needs no further introduction for architectural historians. Ever since its first publication in 1966, the story of the book and its various translations have accompanied the intricate history of modern architecture. Celia Ghyka will be completing the final revision of the first Romanian translation of Rossi's work, as well as the critical introduction for the book.




Rosane Chamecki & Andrea Lerner

Rosane Chamecki & Andrea Lerner – Choreographers, interdisciplinary artists – Brazil/United States

Untitled is a work of expanded cinema that offers a view into the 30 years collaboration between interdisciplinary artists Rosane Chamecki and Andrea Lerner, aka chameckilerner. It is an intimate work, about complicity and destiny, dispute, and interference — but it is also about dependency, compromises, and fears. Through a collection of videos, a “tale” of mutual imprints unfolds – one of shared creativity with a fragile balance between collision and magnetism.


Gina Patterson

Gina Patterson – Choreographer – United States

Gina Patterson will develop Camille: Unseen, a work threading disconnection—within ourselves, from each other and the land—to global challenges of inequity and disparity. In listening to buried stories, to the story of Camille Claudel, whose shadowed life serves to excavate light, we discover who or what is unseen. The creative process itself practices the unseen tools in communication, collaboration; with empathy providing a pathway to healing divisions, towards unity, from studio to society.




Oren Rudavsky

Oren Rudavsky – Filmmaker – United States

Oren Rudavsky’s interests include family and love relationships, the dangers and draw of nationalism, the natural world, psychology, religion, art, and the Middle East. He will be working on script ideas for a fiction film: one based on a previous film of his, Hiding and Seeking; another on material he has been gathering over the past several years and known as Shrink Stories or About My Father; and a third on interlaced stories based in Israel.




Cosetta Seno

Cosetta Seno (Literature-Scholarship) – Associate Professor of Italian, University of Colorado at Boulder – Italy/United States

Mediterranean Spaces and Places will examine the changes in the narrative description of the city of Naples. It will focus on the dichotomy between the classic portrait of the city, often depicted as one of the most beautiful places in the world and on the representation of its poverty within the urban spaces devoted to the indigents. In opposition to the city’s natural beauty, the narration of such spaces constitutes an effective and innovative way to understand not only the history of Naples within the Italian geopolitical context but also the story of the city itself, with its many legends, contradictions, and endless fascination.


Roslyn Sulcas

Roslyn Sulcas (Dance-Scholarship) – Dance Critic and Culture Writer, The New York Times – South Africa/United Kingdom

Roslyn Sulcas will work on the final section of her book on the choreographer William Forsythe, known for his radical extensions of ballet technique and convention, and for his theatrical and physical experimentation. Using an extensive series of interviews with Forsythe, which began in 1990, the book will cover the span of Forsythe’s career, from his choreographic beginnings at the Stuttgart Ballet in the 1970s, through his directorships of the Frankfurt Ballet and the Forsythe Company, to his recent return to pure balletic form.




Kurt Culbertson

Kurt Culbertson – Landscape Architect, Chairman and CEO, Design Workshop – United States

Kurt Culbertson will research the effects of racism and anti-immigrant fervor in Genoa, evaluating factors that contribute to population decline and land vacancy. He will study impoverished neighborhoods such as Begato, Via Pré, Via della Maddalena, Via del Campo, Via San Luca, Via Gramsci, Caricamento, Cornigliano, Sampierdarena, and Certosa, areas containing the highest percentage of immigrant populations. He will reflect on how racism and anti-immigrant policies have contributed to the decline of these neighborhoods, and how design can have agency in resolving these problems.




Amina Gautier

Amina Gautier – Writer, Associate Professor of English, University of Miami – United States – Arthur F. and Alice E. Adams Charitable Foundation Special Fellowship in Literature

A fiction writer and a literature scholar, Amina Gautier will draw upon her dual creative writing and academic background to inspire her project. At Bogliasco she will work on her fourth book, Perish, a linked short story collection about women of color in academia. Following multiple women of color at various stages on the tenure-track on their journey toward tenure and promotion, Perish explores the impact of race and gender on the complexities and intricacies of academic life.




Claude Baker

Claude Baker – Composer, Professor Emeritus of Composition, Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, Bloomington – United States

During his residency in Bogliasco, Claude Baker will work concurrently on two compositions that are scheduled to be premiered during the 2022-23 concert season. One is a fifteen-minute chamber concerto for the eclectic new-music band Alarm Will Sound, and the other is a twenty-minute, multi-movement piece for the Grammy Award-winning Pacifica String Quartet.


Christopher Cerrone

Christopher Cerrone – Composer – United States – Edward T. Cone Bogliasco Special Fellow in Music

Christopher Cerrone will be completing work on a new opera, In A Grove, with a libretto by Stephanie Fleischmann. The piece is commissioned and jointly produced by the Los Angeles Opera and Pittsburgh, and will be heard in February 2022 and November 2022, respectively. Cerrone will also begin work on a new piece to be premiered by the Phoenix Symphony in April 2022.




Abigail Browde  & Michael Silvertone

Abigail Browde & Michael Silvertone – Writers/Directors – United States

Abby and Michael (600 HIGHWAYMEN) will work on a new performance about beginnings and endings, couples and artmaking, featuring the two of them, plus another artist couple 30 years older. “The Following Evening” is a love letter to live performance and the creative practice, and is set against the changing backdrop of New York City over the past fifty years. Abby and Michael’s time at Bogliasco will be spent in the rehearsal room generating material (choreography and text).


Janice Okoh

Janice Okoh – Playwright – United Kingdom


Janice Okoh will work on the crime novel, Good Cop. Set in a fictional Nigerian state, it follows the lives of three characters - a politician, a house girl and a cop - during the run up to state elections after the house girl's child goes missing. The novel is inspired by a true crime and explores the themes of motherhood and corruption.




Călin  Dan

Călin Dan – Visual artist, writer, curator, director of the National Museum of Contemporary Art - MNAC Bucharest – Romania

La cuisse de Marcel is a project about the multi-layered relationship between Constantin Brâncuși and Marcel Duchamp. Consistent with his work method that could be defined as a subversive writing of art history with the instruments of art production, Călin Dan will be working on a script and story-board in preparation of an exhibition to be opened this fall at the Museum of Art Craiova, with and around the famous Thigh created by the Romanian sculptor.


Teres Wydler

Teres Wydler – Multimedia artist, writer – Switzerland – Fondation Gianni Biaggi De Blasys Special Fellow

Teres Wydler has been exploring the forms of extended nature for years – how it has evolved over millions of years, creating ever more diverse life forms – and wondering if human culture is only an intermediary stage in this development, so that nature may advance to another level. While in Bogliasco, she plans to study the number “five”, which is omnipresent within the geological evolution of plants, animals, and humans. Wydler wishes to amplify and question the phenomena of THE NUMBER FIVE through different media (design, collage, installation, and video).