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Fragile Equilibrium and Fleeting Tracks

In Celebration of The Festival of Science

Date: October 31, 2015 - November 01, 2015
Time: 4:00 PM

The garden of the Villa dei Pini
Via Aurelia 4

Bogliasco, Italy

During Genoa's Festival Della Scienza (26 October to 1 November), the key word is Balance, which has infinite applications not only in science but also in art.

In celebration of the Festival, Fragile Equilibrium and Fleeting Tracks investigate Balance from two different points of view:

A tour of the Villa dei Pini’s garden will be guided by Prof. Andrea Marsan, a zoologist who has for years worked on the conservation and management of wildlife. Marsan will address nature's delicate balance in an environment rich in biodiversity and great beauty.

On Saturday, October 31st and Sunday, November 1st, a site-specific performance will be set up by the Study Center’s choreographer in residence, Anna Huber, who will investigate movement through the precarious balance between body and landscape.

Free entry with reservations required. Please RSVP to [email protected] or call 010-3470049

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