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International Poetry Reading

Date: June 08, 2014
Time: 9:00 PM

Villa dei Pini, Bogliasco Foundation Study Center
Bogliasco, Italy

For six years, the Bogliasco Foundation has participated in Genoa's International Poetry Festival, the most important poetry event in Italy. This year, in collaboration with the Bogliasco municipality, Bogliasco Fellows have again been invited to apply to be included in the 2014 iteration of the Festival, which will take place from June 5-12.

June 8: International poetry reading
Bogliasco Foundation Fellows in Literature were invited to apply to be included in a special evening of readings and performances at the Study Center on June 8. This year's selected participants are: Andras Gerevich (2013 Hungary), Rick Hilles (2003 United States), Gilberto Isella (2004 Switzerland), Paul Kane (2013 United States), Adriano Kestenholz (2000/2003 Switzerland), and Ersi Sotiropoulos (2009/2012 Greece).

Lectures will be accompanied by short choreographic scenes performed by Federica Loredan and Daouda Diabate of BATÁ. The myth of Batà & Shango, which derives from a Yoruba "pataki"—a brief story used in the Santeria religion—serves as the inspiration for this piece. These short performances will highlight BATÁ's innovative concept of self-musicated dance, where movement has sound, and music is designed in space.

For more information about these poetry events at Villa dei Pini, please contact Alessandra Natale at [email protected].

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