The Bogliasco Fellowship allowed for one of the most precious periods of research, reflection, contemplation and creation. The setting in this wonderful scenery, the surroundings with the magnificent views, the open horizon and the sea have a very motivating and inspiring impact.

–Anna Huber (Dance, Switzerland), Fall 2015

Bogliasco was my first residency and I suspect it has set an unreachable bar for any other residencies to follow in my career. I found the experience peaceful and relaxing while at the same time invigorating and hugely productive.

–Laura Rattray (Literature-Scholarship, UK), Spring 2016

From the very first moment, it seemed that everything surrounding the Foundation was organized in order to make work and reflection the most important points of the experience. Indeed, I was able to live out the most creatively intensive month I've had in my career. Now, with a few months' distance, I can better understand all that I accomplished during the residency and what a deep emotional charge is behind the project I developed there, The Lion and the Light. 

–Pablo Merchante, (Visual Arts, Spain), Fall 2015

…My time with the other artists reminded me how insular the theater world can be, and I left with ideas for projects that are more interdisciplinary in nature ... I feel like I left part of my heart there on that Northern Italian Bogliasco coast.

–Mashuq Deen, (Theater, United States), Spring 2016

I wrote over a hundred draft pages in that month and I don’t think I could have written anything close to that amount if I weren’t in such joyful, peaceful, artistic surrounds … The other fellows were a constant inspiration. Soon after we arrived, we began doing readings and showings of our work for each other, and I came to look forward to those after-dinner sessions as a way to motivate myself for the next day.

–Dina Nayeri (Literature, United States/France), Fall 2015

I aspire to write a book as inspiring as the Bogliasco Foundation and the artists it supports. [I] could not have asked for or imagined a lovelier group of companions -- generous and thoughtful people, full of equal measures seriousness and good cheer, and all–every one (this almost never happens) producing the highest caliber work and with commitment, passion, focus, and intensity that should fill anyone who has had a career that comes with a consistent paycheck (a day job) with admiration.

–Cathy Davidson (Literature-Scholarship, United States), Fall 2015

This period of reflection and work in Bogliasco was vital to develop and almost finalize my project of a new multimedia opera.

–Jocy de Oliveira (Music, Brazil), Spring 2016

Although the other Fellows were all clearly very high-powered exponents within their fields of expertise, the atmosphere during my stay was always supportive and marked by a strong sense of mutual respect…As a result, and in marked contrast to the only other comparable Centre I have visited, I found that I learnt a great deal from them.

–Philip Grange (Music, UK), Fall 2015

In five weeks, my Bogliasco fellowship transformed my project from a series of connected but not fully integrated ideas, to an incredibly rich point of departure to continue developing my work. I believe the experiences I had and the lasting connections I have made to my fellow fellows and all of the staff at the center will continue to touch my heart and impact my creativity for a lifetime. An outcome that absolutely exceeded my expectations, and fills me with profound gratitude.

–Tara O'Con (Dance, United States), Spring 2016

I experienced a period of great creative and personal growth that would not have been possible had I not had this specific opportunity to become completely immersed in my work and commune with some of the most brilliant, disciplined, engaging, and supportive people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

–Donya Allison (Visual Arts, United States), Spring 2016

I have attended numerous residency programs and my positive and productive experience at the Bogliasco Foundation is without comparison. The staff at Bogliasco was always helpful and supportive; the majestic accommodations, stunning landscape and historic region are all ideal for inspiring intensive creative work.

–Michael Harrison (Music, United States), Spring 2016

While in residency at Bogliasco, I submitted three grant proposals and one conference paper, published one chapter and spoke of it publicly, made valuable site visits, and began a new project, but no measure of accomplishments can quantify the value of the conversations, exposure, new friends and contemplative hours inspired by your sublime villas by the sea.

–Kay Bea Jones (Architecture, United States), Fall 2015

Bogliasco opened a different possibility for a way of life…a door that is still open and I can use when I cannot move forward.

–Andrea Said (Film/Video, Colombia/UK), Spring 2016

A residency at Bogliasco is idyllic and stimulating. Living, dining and talking for a month with seven other fellows from a wide range of creative occupations and their partners is exciting and challenging to one’s ordinary professional habits, where we converse most often with people in our own disciplines. 

–Jonathan Culler (Literature-Scholarship, United States), Spring 2016

The beautiful benefit of the residency was not just what I did there, but the way it shaped the writing that has come in the months after. I understood my own book there, and so I have since been able to write confidently and fluidly towards the final draft.

–Jessica Lott (Literature, United States), Fall 2015

Thank you for the opportunity for this extraordinary experience. The time I had at Bogliasco was invaluable on many levels not least of was the opportunity to meet and spend time with other fellows who I believe will be lifelong friends.”

–Helen Lochhead (Landscape Architecture, Australia), Fall 2015