One-week Course on Italian Classical Architecture and Traditional Cuisine: May 23-30

The Architectural Orders Academy in collaboration with the Bogliasco Foundation, is pleased to announce a one-week course based in Genoa, with day-trips along the Riviera. The rich splendor of Genoa’s streets and palaces, some of which are still owned by the families that had them built during the Renaissance and Baroque periods, has earned them a designation as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Via lectures hosted by the Foundation at its “Chalet” Conference Pavilion, regional wine and food tastings and visits to various historic sites, many of which are usually off limits to the general public, participants will discover the interrelationship between the city’s taste for architecture and its cuisine. More... 

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Located in the fishing village of Bogliasco near Genoa, a region of extraordinary beauty whose landscape has stimulated creative expression for centuries, the Bogliasco Foundation offers one-month residencies to individuals of all nations who can demonstrate notable achievement in the Arts and Humanities.


Each year, the Bogliasco Foundation awards approximately 50 Fellowships, without regard to nationality, age, race, gender, or religion, in any subject area of the following disciplines: archaeology, architecture, classics, dance, film/video, history, landscape architecture, literature, music, philosophy, theater, visual arts.


In 18 years, the Study Center has welcomed nearly 800 Fellows from 55 different countries. In the Fall 2014 semester, 27 Fellows from 14 countries are working on new projects that will enrich the global cultural landscape.


The Foundation frequently hosts special events in Italy and New York featuring projects developed by Fellows in residence.  Bogliasco Fellows also regularly exhibit, perform, and publish their acclaimed work around the globe.