Fiscal Year-End Appeal

The location of the residency is truly magical. The coastline is spectacular and the beautiful Bogliasco villa and gardens are maintained with the utmost care by the staff. I felt an enormous sense of privilege and gratitude being offered this special gift of time, comfort, and beauty; years of hard work and sacrifice, as an artist, suddenly seemed well worth it!

Kimi Takesue, Fall 2019 Fellow in Film/Video, United States

I was able to accomplish an insane amount in the brief time that I was in Italy. This uptick in productivity can only be attributed to the energy of Bogliasco, which is the most magical place that I have ever been. The quality of the light, the sound of the sea, the beautiful villas, gardens, food, and people were like an injection of pure optimism straight into my veins. I will carry that feeling with me forever.

Christopher Stark, Spring 2020 Fellow in Music, United States

As a nonprofit organization, the Bogliasco Foundation relies on gifts from individuals who are dedicated to the vitality of global arts and letters. We are deeply grateful to all who have made it possible for us to celebrate over 23 years of supporting creativity in the arts and humanities.

As we approach the end of the fiscal year on June 30th, please consider making a gift to support our next group of talented artists and scholars and the innovative new projects they will pursue.

The words of our Fellows best express the life-changing benefits of a Bogliasco residency. Please click here to read more inspiring testimonials from 2019-2020 Fellows.

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